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Bronze Vault

$360.00 USD

  • 10TB Storage Space
  • 15x 750GB Hard Drives
  • SATA Technology
  • 1x Redundant Power Supply
  • 1x Dual Controller

    Silver Vault

    $720.00 USD

    • 20TB Storage Space
    • 30x 750GB Hard Drives
    • SATA Technology
    • 2x Redundant Power Supply
    • 2x Dual Controller

      Gold Vault

      $360.00 USD

      • 2TB Storage Space
      • 15x 146GB Hard Drives
      • SAS Technology
      • 1x Redundant Power Supply
      • 1x Dual Controller
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        • # Hard Drives
        • # Technology
        • # Redundant Power Supply
        • # Dual Controller

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        Dedicated Servers - Bronze Brick
        Dell PERC 5i/6i Controller Card - Required with Bronze Brick order
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        Dedicated Storage - Bronze Vault
        $360.00 USD + $100.00 USD Setup Fee
        Total Recurring: $360.00 USD Monthly
        Total Due Today: $460.00 USD

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