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News: Special! Name Your Own Price: Dedicated Server Double Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.5GHz 16GB RAM

Published: 03/08/2014

Introducing new term NYOP (Name Your Own Price), special auction like sale.

This time we offer a dedicated server in New York Metro area data center(s) With the following spec.

- CPU: 2x Intel Xeon L5420 2.5GHZ (Dual QC, 8 cores total)
- RAM: 16GB
- Bandwidth: 20TB
- IP's: 5 Public usable (/29 subnet)
- No setup fee

NYOP by visiting EZ Get Cloud Client Portal at the following URL and submitting a ticket with Sales Department.


In a ticket subject please indicate:
Dedicated Server Special, NYOP.

In a ticket body indicate a monthly service fee you are willing to pay for such a server. Below the offered figure you may provide your comments or other inquiry in a free format.

We'll be collecting offers from all participants for a duration of 1 week through March 15th and higher bidder will receive notification that he/she is the winning bidder.

We deliver an excellent network quality for download and upload. Here are some samples taken on 03/31/2013 on a regular CentOS box:

/* * * Speedtest servers * * */
$do_server['nyc1'] = "http://newyork-speedtest.atlanticmetro.net/"; Down: 95.88 Mb/s Up: 98.6 Mb/s
$do_server['nyc2'] = "http://speed01.ny.towerstream.com/"; Down: 97.15 Mb/s Up: 98.08 Mb/s
$do_server['nyc3"] = "http://speedgauge2.optonline.net/"; Down: 85.74 Mb/s Up: 96.87 Mb/s

Good luck and see you as our new Customer.